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The Free Shipping Trick!

Shopping online can be tough! Want to know how to get the MOST out of your online shopping experience using the Free Shipping option?

We offer FREE SHIPPING on ANY order over $100! So, if you are unsure about sizing, we suggest you select several sizes or styles you want to try to reach the $100 minimum and just keep what you like! That way, you won't have worry about placing another order if something doesn't fit, and the only shipping expense to you will be when you mail the items back that you don't wish to keep.  Just fill out the Return Form and we will issue a refund for the unwanted items... Much better than purchasing one item and paying for shipping, paying to ship it back if it doesn't fit, and then paying shipping again for the correct size! 

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Bikini Care!

In order to get the most longevity out of anything you wear, it's important to take care of it! Bikinis are constantly in the sand, salt water, sun, and chlorine, so they definitely need extra attention! In order to keep the shape and color of your Ama Bikinis, it is best to rinse with fresh water immediately after use, use a mild soap to hand wash when you do wash, and hang to dry.  To get the best results you should avoid all washers and dryers completely!


Thanks for checking out our tips!